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Wooden bead board

Wooden bead board
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For my beaders this is a must have. Wooden bead boards exist but the ones specifically for bracelet making Only are hard to find. (Feel free to research it yourself.)

The one's I've found mainly were beading boards for Mala necklace creation with prices ranging from $75 to $300. Roughly 80% of traditional beaders use the cheap cardboard/plastic beading boards purchased usually from stores Like Hobby-Lobby or Michael's Art store. They tend to show dirt easily, are flimsy and fade over time. Wooden bead boards are much stronger and stable, the grooves on this board makes it difficult for beads to roll off. Plus wood bead boards are easy to clean and give the beader a more sense of professionalism when in use.

*Made of 100% stained Beech wood.
*Each board is handcrafted.
*5 circular grooves are pre-measured
..for bracelet making.
*Each circular groove has labeled ..measurements
*Compartment in the center for extra ..beads.
*Groove on outside for even more for your loose beads.
*weight is 1.8lbs
*30 day money back if not satisfied.

*Free priority shipping

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